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I am a highly self-motivated copywriter, web designer, digital marketer, and content creator with 7+ years of experience. I can draft high converting sales copy and create search engine optimized content online. Over the past 5 years, I have worked with companies in the real estate, ecommerce and technology industry where I have been able to successfully build over 50 online platforms ranging from ecommerce sites, email marketing automation platforms, sales funnels and conversion optimized landing pages.

My Top Three Offerings


Web Design

Content Creation

What I Can Do for Your Brand/Business;

1. Carry Out Comprehensive Market Research Report

2. Develop an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

3. Curate High Quality Copy For Your Digital Ads Campaigns, Email Marketing Campaigns, Landing Pages, Websites, Product Descriptions, Service Descriptions, Company Value Propositions, Mission & Vision Statements, Engaging Social Media Contents for Brands Plus Much More.

4. Design Conversion Optimized Websites and Sales Funnels for Real Estate, Ecommerce, Travel and Technology Industries.

5. Create High Quality Keyword Researched Search Engine Optimized Content For Brands.

6. Setup Scalable and Affordable Email Marketing Automation Platforms

7. Do Lead Generation For Handpicked Industries

8. Run Cost Effective Digital Marketing Ad Campaigns

What Makes Me Different


Personally I believe, that no one method works for two different businesses. Each business should be approached with a unique yet proven strategy that works.


When it's time to deliver results, it's important to have someone who has practical hands on experience. No amount of certification and guess work will take the place of real world experience.


The fascinating thing about me, is that I am self thought. I did this through a series of trial and error including lots of set backs, today I am not just knowledgeable in my core competency, I am vast.

What They Say About Me

Get to know what people say about me.

Lanre Michael Business Owner

I needed a sales funnel to close high ticket sales and I chose Segun to do the job for me. The results have been amazing.

Ede Evans Owner Health Alone

This guy is a copywriting genius. Segun understands his audience like no other writer I've seen. He's managed to write sales copy that converts like crazy. I highly recommend him!

Azeez Ganiyu CEO Futuristic Properties LTD

He has done the impossible by taking my business to the next level. Segun is a dedicated professional who never gives up until he delivers results. I will continue to use his services.

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    Details of What You Will Get:

    Note that each strategy session costs ₦50,000 – 500,000 and is only meant for digital agency owners with registered businesses and a physical location. 

    1 Hour of Strategy Session; Path to ₦5M (Real Deal)

    Bonus Pack;
    1. My Secret Lead Generation Method
    2. 50$ (₦20K) Hosting Referral Guide
    3. My Killer Content Creation Tool
    4. 1,000 Templates of Prebuilt Wordpress Websites
    5. Free Digital Marketing Proposal and Web Design Proposal Tool And More!

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